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Mario Rivoli

Flowers have been very good to me… My mom would make Kleenex tissue carnations… I’d watch and help her, fascinated for hours. By simply accordionizing a stack of tissues, putting a bobby pin in the middle, she would pull each layer of tissue upward and Viola! A flower was born.

A light brushing on the top edges with lipstick would enhance the illusion of realism and we had a bouquet on the kitchen table in less than an hour.

This idea blossomed and grew into a small industry for me, competing with all of Mexico through the 60’s. Making color tissue flowers – a foot across – these flowers sold in specialty shops in New York for decades.

Flowers have always captivated me. I’d always buy a vintage beaded flower at a flea market or antique show and I would straighten and work at it until it was a my version of perfection before I got home.

Flowers have always been good to me…