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Mario Rivoli Master Artist Denver Colorado

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Beaded Flowers by Mario Rivoli

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Welcome to the new MarioRivoli.com website. Mario is considered by many as the collector with a “Great Eye”, a purveyor of the unusual in art and objects he now brings these wonderful finds to you. His passion for things unique and marvelous has lead him on a journey to collect the wonders of our past and future.

“Why are you buying that?” – a young dealer from Denver Colorado.

Mario’s “Beaded Flowers” are shown and sold at fine art galleries all over the country and he now brings them to you.
A Vintage Bakelite collector, Mario has for the past 34 years, combed America’s flea markets, antique shops and shows from coast to coast and is now offering vintage Bakelite jewelry to his online marketplace. Most of these pieces are from his private collection. Enjoy it!

“Stop saving for your old age; it’s here!” – a wise dealer from New York