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My June Adventures

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New York June 2011 —I wanted to tell you about the biggest surprise—going after dinner with Ed and my friend Zell, who insisted we walk the new length of “HIGHLINE” both Ed and I¬†thought it would be just an elevated park with grass and a lot of stairs to climb, but it wasn’t…it was in fact quite a profound experience,
very much like walking into a futuristic landscape-like everyone on Earth disappeared and we were left to propagate the planet…in the 20’s this el for trains was erected to carry meat products to the second story portals of warehouse buildings, to be distributed to butchers and groceries throughout New York , It ran from Gansevoorte Street to 30 something street….

…with time, and the rise in refrigerated trucking, this blackened steel structure fell into disrepair, and sections were demolished and what was left standing since the 50’s had been ignored and forgotten AND was slowly taken over by volunteered plant growth–turning it into quite a jungle-elevated a story high…lush greenery in a cast iron planter…with large black rivet heads…rusted embedded train tracks…most saw it as an eyesaw…but a clever architect saw it as beauty and fought to keep it-modernize it-add to it-and transform it into the lush tropical garden park it is today!

It not only revitalized the west side area, but raised the property values, and brought the major galleries from Soho clustered around its base and connected the “new” meat packing district-snaking uptown- and lending a brilliant new vista (peeking into peoples lofts, seeing the sunset on the Hudson in between streets once used by black drag queens and drug addict derelicts…) as part of the planning real estate values have allowed for middle incomes as to not have the west side turned into a haven for only the chic and privileged….drag queens can appreciate the sunset now as well…

…the structure has been manipulated so well as to sections jutting sideways with an abrupt halt so traffic streams from under your feet…tracks still maintain their 4′ space apart and interweave with poured cement lines planted with grasses as if you’ve just discovered it…exotic foliage, trees, maple magnolias just beginning to pop into what looks like giant Mexican crepe paper flowers…deco designed stadium seats in unexpected places-nooks and grannies- walkways to nowhere for your surprise-all being used and enjoyed by a populous as varied as the fauna…so many times we fell into silence at the awe of it–we had landed on a new planet and we loved it!

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