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The Summer Antique Show made for Monkeys and Ormolu

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Antiques seem to be passe’…the show does dwindle each time…the food courts grow larger..and where dealers would normally be a lounge area appears…okay there was the occasional armload of ormolu and an oddly wrapped tall thing carried out by a chauffeur, to, I presume a grand automobile that will carry the purchaser (and the
purchased) to an even grander home…but it was not the ordinary occurrence in the Summer World Wide Antique Show in Denver, Colorado in mid July.
Thank heaven for the reliable few who still brave the heat and wait on a line early to get the stuff they love with money in hand (with no mind of a Debt Ceiling) …even if it’s a simple sock monkey.

I brought a small barrel of them to counter balance all the fu fu / la la stuff and to possibly put a smile on a face…Sock monkeys are a rowdy bunch, we catch them climbing poles, scampering out in the aisles…and whispering about another planned escape under their mattress ticking… Almost everyone comments on them and remembers when they owned one, surprised and chats about the sock monkey as the latest advertising sales icon in media—those faces that trigger warm emotions—those antics that make them the new “comfort collectible”.
Books about sock monkeys now demand you see them not just as toys or playthings, each handmade from that standard sock pattern, but each personalized with the makers “imprint”. Two collectors in New York have amassed 1863 of the little creatures and have isolated 200 for a book in which a missing eye or tattered ear does not matter, but adds to their charm. The portraits are beyond adorable, they are dramatic and revealing, cropped ala Avedon, impactive as Arbus, forcing one to see into the soles of these “people” and to realize they are as individual as thumb prints.

I don’t know if they can carry aesthetic weight compared to a Tiffany lamp, but they have caused quite a stir and made people laugh, a necessity in this economical atmosphere, they helped us out of one Depression…there’s room for gold Dore’ and a stuffed sock with button eyes and a tail as well…oops…there goes “hector” the instigator of the pack…he doesn’t seem to like that Damask and makes very rude mounds on the micro mosaic tabletops.

The show for me is always fun mounting…one huge assemblage…a nice way of interaction, the ebb and flow of merchandise and people. Sharon brings the snacks (we only eat cheese from a can three times a year…) Corky drags all his furniture, Chuck and Bob; Orientalia, we can count on Carole for old Xmas…George and Brenda with the finest of things, me monkeys…


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