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uses of tadalis

A wonderful strut up and down New York’s Madison Avenue, taking pictures of fashionable “designer windows” that were gearing up for the push for holiday season…a brilliant glowing box after box, I realized the farther down Madison you go the bigger the discount the darker the air…what a world of wealth and chic…Baccarat was dazzling, just placing a cut glass vase on a lit cube and spot lit…wow…Fred Leighton can do no wrong with there merchandising …giant Mexican mixed metal birds perched in each window set a tone of tropical holidays…tall manikins in white fur in fake snow…all expressionless, heads high as if smelling cheese…shameless…how exhilarating capturing an energy we have a weaker version of in the West…catching a glimpse of the diamond lit Empire State Building between streets in the rain…a window dedicated to fragrances and factices-giant versions of favorite perfume bottles…in the 30’s a giant Joseph Cornell surprise, a collaged gypsy wagon planted and festooned with candy, newspapers, mags tiny packages of color all stuffed into a large rectangle lit with neon reflection…the discounts were now 40% or more, the streets were less lit and less populated-less music…with every street downtown the life was being drained; I wondered how dark it would get coming to the end of Madison at 23rd…and how different the drama on West Broadway…black windows, dark streets-no commerce at night inside…how different the look, smells…I remember sniffing fried rice 3 blocks before Chinatown…hollow atmosphere, then Battery Park black silhouetted trees against a silver river…tug boat one note jazz.

Antiques seem to be passe’…the show does dwindle each time…the food courts grow larger..and where dealers would normally be a lounge area appears…okay there was the occasional armload of ormolu and an oddly wrapped tall thing carried out by a chauffeur, to, I presume a grand automobile that will carry the purchaser (and the
purchased) to an even grander home…but it was not the ordinary occurrence in the Summer World Wide Antique Show in Denver, Colorado in mid July.
Thank heaven for the reliable few who still brave the heat and wait on a line early to get the stuff they love with money in hand (with no mind of a Debt Ceiling) …even if it’s a simple sock monkey. Read More …

My June Adventures

February 12, 2011
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New York June 2011 —I wanted to tell you about the biggest surprise—going after dinner with Ed and my friend Zell, who insisted we walk the new length of “HIGHLINE” both Ed and I¬†thought it would be just an elevated park with grass and a lot of stairs to climb, but it wasn’t…it was in […]

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