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Who is Mario | Mario Rivoli

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Who is Mario

Mario Rivoli has been an artist all his life.

Flowers have been very good to me… My mom would make Kleenex tissue carnations… I’d watch and help her, fascinated for hours. By simply accordionizing a stack of tissues, putting a bobby pin in the middle, she would pull each layer of tissue upward and Viola! A flower was born.

A light brushing on the top edges with lipstick would enhance the illusion of realism and we had a bouquet on the kitchen table in less than an hour.

This idea blossomed and grew into a small industry for me, competing with all of Mexico through the 60’s. Making color tissue flowers – a foot across – these flowers sold in specialty shops in New York for decades.

Flowers have always captivated me. I’d always buy a vintage beaded flower at a flea market or antique show and I would straighten and work at it until it was a my version of perfection before I got home.

Flowers have always been good to me…

What I sell

Beaded Flowers Mario Rivoli Denver

The bead is the key! Anything that incorporates a bead I can use. It’s a thrill for me to find a vintage fragment that can spark an idea for an entire new bloom. Beaded purses to far gone for repair… 30’s and 40’s earrings, beaded fruit parts, costume jewelry all can be used… An African Gourd, Mexican doll, Indian bolo tie, Guatemalan key chains – all are fodder for the new blossom. Dear friends know how to excite me with Victorian hat and dress trims…

The flowers I make loosely follow nature’s patterns some are reminiscent of actual flowers, having leaves and centers and stems… but most are hybrids, uncategorized, unseen, from a universe not yet settled…

They evolve, in parts and pieces, from all my loves: art nouveau, Gustav Klimt, Czech wares, a new color combo, oil slicks, ah, the entrance to the Paris subway …

I work hard at creating a unique beaded flower, striving to make a one of a kind or one in a series of a kind (a family) is my goal. My beaded flowers have evolved through the years, compounding the information gathered, that joyously keeps rekindling my imagination and reignites my passions.

Each stem is true to itself, as if it had grown that way, through manipulations, painting, tinting, gluing with things found and added along the way. The flowers keep telling me what to do and what they want to be. They are still intriguing to me and I am still learning from them, and pray to be open for surprise, and hope for the power to still see the wonder in them. I hope you enjoy them, as much as I have in creating them.