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Sold Pieces | Mario Rivoli

uses of tadalis

Sold Pieces

Too late… these one of a kind pieces have already been sold but we have so many more pieces – look at our store to see all the current products.

Modern Plant – $795.00 
Pink Dragon Lily
– $325.00 
Pastel Tulip
– $265.00 
“A pair of tulips + ball flowers”…a bouquet on a stem
– $265.00 
“Pastel mum” …mum series
– $245.00 
Imperial Lily
– $225.00 
Square aqua basket “OOH & AH” arrangement…small and adorable…
– $385.00 
Floral Hooked Rug
– $1250.00 
Beaded Flowers by Mario Rivoli One of a kind BLUE THISTLE Beaded Flower
– $285.00 
Mario Rivoli Beaded Flowers  Fuzzy Poppy –
Beaded flower Mario Rivoli  Sweeney Todd Plant …acid green/purple fantasy –
  Fuzzy Tulip –